BIGBANG IS ALIVE: G-Dragon version

I've received so so so many requests, comments and emails for asking this question:

"Where is the G-Dragon paperdoll?"
"I want to see the G-Dragon alive paperdoll~please..."

I'm really sorry that it's been delay a little bit for that,
Finally finally finally...x 10000000,
G-Dragon paperdoll is finished!!
The ALIVE collection is completed!
Have you make the paperdoll of other member? :)


"志龍的公仔在哪裡, 我找不到..."

認真的說一句對不起, 這次壓軸的志龍公仔是延誤了時間...
終於終於終於...x 10000000,

轉載請註明from BBpapermodel / Bigbang Hong Kong Fan Club.
If you want to share the images,please add the followings:

"Credit to BBpapermodel / Bigbang Hong Kong Fan Club."

按圖下載 Click Images for Download


davidlantan2fun said...

AWESOME! Finaly, GD appear.

Gilang Frilly Riyandiny said...

the detail its so awful ! nice ! thx bobo ^___~

joanne ng said...

use normal paper ? or cardboard?..?

pandabobo said...

@joanne ng

please use normal paper or 120g weight paper :)

Rodiahalim said...

thank you so much! much appreciate!! :) VIP forever!

Lien Nguyen said...

how do I glue it??

Qiqi Lee said...

HOW DO I PUT THE HAIR ON ?? AND HOW TO DO THE BOTTOM PART ? PLEASE TEACH ... If can do a video on Youtube lah .. If cannot nvm :)

pandabobo said...

@Qiqi Lee
There is a cutline on the teamplate (near GD's forehand), you need to insert the hair into this slot.

and this is the tutorial for the doll:

Thanks for your support!

Qiqi Lee said...

Thanks you SOOOOO much :)

X_xia said...

请问有没有胜利的熊猫版本?? ^^

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